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Buy a used truck – Inspection checklist

There are quite a few pros and cons to buying something used, but most people decide to do it just because the prices are so much lower. Other advantages have also to do with money and savings and the possibility to actually checking if everything is ok with the thing and overcome possible disadvantages. Speaking of those, the main cons are the guarantee of working, which can never be valid, the reason why it is sold, which you can never exactly know and the very fact that someone has been using it already. But here are a few tips on how to avoid those when buying a used truck and other similar commercial cars and vehicles.

truck lightning

Check if everything is working

First of all try to be friendly to the seller, ask him or her to show you how everything works and if everything is ok. Make sure to ask for any problems and follow each step they make. In case they are avoiding to speak about something or to show it to you, you should know something is wrong. In such cases take the thing in your hands and check for everything you can think of. With trucks it is especially hard, because of the size and several other reasons, but you can at least check those things that would cost you the most in case they don't work. Start the engine, feel it and decide if everything is ok. Check the whole front part, the tires and even the cabin, in case you don't want to miss on comfort.

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The best way to know everything is just right, or not, is to call a specialist, in this case a mechanic. The test will cost you a few hundred dollars, but it’s much lower than what you can lose in case something isn't working properly. A fair way would be to ask the seller to split the check, that way you can see if they are serious and have one more indication on whether they are lying or not.

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